Muscadet near Nantes

The Domaine du Champ Chapron presents its Loire wines and more particularly the wines from the Nantes vineyard and the Champtoceaux region.

The Domaine du Champ Chapron has its vineyard near the Loire on the Coteaux de La DIVATTE, a river which flows into the Loire and which gave its name to the emergence of DIVATTE, very well known for its Gastronomic restaurants and its famous White Butter Nantes, which is inevitably accompanied by a Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire.

The Domaine du Champ Chapron is located between Nantes and Ancenis very close to Champtoceaux village located on a promontory overlooking the Loire, a place steeped in history and rivalry between Brittany and L’Anjou. Our vineyard produces distinctive and distinguished wines with minerality.

The production of high quality white wine is represented by

The Muscadet Coteaux de la Loire sur lie.

The Gros Plant from the Nantais region which goes perfectly with crustaceans and in summer is served as an aperitif.

The Cru Champtoceaux from the best terroirs, aged for years before being bottled, an exceptional wine for aging.

Another very specific and unique White Wine in our region, the Malvoisie Coteaux D'Ancenis, whose grape variety is pinot gris is a sweet, fruity aromatic wine with notes of white fruit, on the same appellation we offer a Gamay red Coteaux D'Ancenis.

Our vineyard is renowned for these Loire Valley rosé from the Gamay and Cabernet Franc grape varieties, these Loire Blanc Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines and the IALACH cuvée composed of a White Melon / Sauvignon, a Gamay / Cabernet rosé and a Red Abouriou.

The Domaine du Champ Chapron is a family business of winegrowers and winegrowers, we are passionate about our work in the vineyard and wine, the domain offers a variety of wines that will enhance your dishes.

The domain adheres to the charter of the independent winemaker which assures you of the authenticity of our wines and of our profession of winemaker.

Since 2014 the field of Champ Chapron is certified High environmental value, The Field of Champ Chapron has been working for years on biodiversity and on alternative practices respecting the ecosystem of the land where we cultivate our vines and produce our wine.

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Little history of the Estate

In 1420 on the land (which now belongs to the domain), Jean V Duc de Bretagne was taken prisoner at the place of the Trubert bridge (betrayal bridge) at the time this bridge was made of wooden plank.

Marguerite de Clisson of the family of the counts of Penthièvre, daughter of the constable and become Dame de Champtoceaux to organized for JEAN V a ST Valentine's ball at the citadel of Châteauceaux, Jean V arriving by Loroux Bottereau, had to cross the village of Barbechat to join Champtoceaux, on February 13, 1420 he passed with his troop in a hollow path "the Big Way" along the Domain to descend to the Divatte and pass over a wooden bridge of the Domain, to join Champtoceaux.

It was late at night, it was bad weather, the men of Marguerite de Clisson dit Margot la Boiteuse pretext with jean V that it is necessary to hurry because they are waited by Ladies to feast, he proposes to jean V to leave in before with just a small troop, when Jean V had crossed the bridge the men of Margot la Boiteuse throw the planks of the bridge into the water, the Divatte being in full cru, the horses could not cross.

Jean V was taken captive to the citadel of Châteauceaux where he is detained and threatened with death. At the time Marguerite had the support of the dolphin of France Charles VII.

This unprecedented abduction then moved the European princes, but did not provoke any intervention near the court of France. But the action of Jean V's wife, Jeanne de France and the Barons Bretons enabled him to regain his freedom following the siege of Champtoceaux. It was during this liberation that the citadel of Champtoceaux was completely destroyed. Jean V wanted us to tear down all the walls of his prison until the foundation.

The fortress was leveled with prohibition to rebuild it. The inhabitants of the city leave it and rebuild a new borough outside.

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